Evita Art & Music is a company that Evita Tjon A Ten founded shortly after completing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management in 2009.

In terms of work, everything can be summarized by one word creativity. In addition to various activities for herself as an artist: graphic design, jewellery making that fits her outfit, record a voice–over up to writing a song, she also does this for other companies/organizations and private individuals. The results are, for example, her jewellery line Evi~lance, an extensive collection of greeting cards, wine boxes and much more.

Each assignment is considered as a new challenge with the focus on wishes of the client. Appointments are easily scheduled and the process from the first interview until the assignment is finalized will be clearly discussed in advance.

"Art and music can bring worlds together and offer consolation. Music and art can heal when things are broken."

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