The first song she sang Who's that girl by Madonna when she was two and a half years old. After 10 years of violin she decided to sing . With her love for classical music and a Caribbean background there is a mix of various styles that came together in the music of Evita. But when she sings the jazz influences are most present. Her sound can be described as “Caramel Sound”.

After a successful performance at The Hague Jazz Festival 2010 Evita & ‘her’ SIRs put new life into several old tunes and share the same passion for music. Shortly after this performance the CD Sweet Caramel was recorded.

CD Sweet Caramel of Evita & The SIRs

The CD "Sweet Caramel", which was released in October 2011, has 11 tracks. Caramel is a guarantee for a surprising blend of jazz, blues, funk and Latin whereby the Surinamese roots of Evita also got the album a place. With the lyrics and the music on "Sweet Caramel", Evita has endeavored to stay true to herself. The CD is a reflection of a singer, songwriter and composer who is as richly diverse as the musical influences that permeate her CD.

Melodias de nosso Amor

The last production Melodías the Nosso Amor, has Love as a common theme.
This independent released EP produced are a selection of songs in different languages and musical styles. The songs are a blend of Cape Verdean music, jazz , pop and Latin.

Meanwhile, Evita performed on stages not only in the Netherlands but also in countries like Hong Kong, Dubai, America and Turkey. She has also shared the stage with Denise Jannah, Etta Cox, Marjorie Barnes, Eric Johnson, Harold Betters, Kenny Blake & Larry Graham and Elan Trotman. This joyful dynamo has a wide range of colors and emotions at her disposal not only musically, but also in other areas in which she is active as well.

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