Most of the Evi~lance jewelry is made from recycled rubber. This makes the jewelry stretchable, flexible, soft, strong and light to wear.

Natural rubber is usually produced from latex derived from the bark of the Brazilian rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). About 33% of the juice, which is also called latex, consists of rubber.

Other materials, such as foam, natural and cultivated pearls, glass beads, wood, metal and handmade beads from recycled paper and canvas are also used to make the jewelry.

For the "Earth Collection: Bella Avani" beads made from paper or canvas are used. The paper beads are made from old posters, paper rolls, magazines, newspapers, etc. They are first painted in different colors, rolled by hand, and then sprayed with varnish to make them durable. A similar procedure is employed for the beads made of canvas. The jewelry made of paper or canvas beads are light in usage and vary in length.

The colors and shapes of the materials, in combination with the black rubber, are leading when making the jewelry. The result is a jewelry collection that is playful, durable, contemporary, cool, and stylish and at the same time radiates the personality of the wearer.

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