Evita Tjon A Ten, owner of Evita Art & Music, is inspired by colors and shapes. In the E-Shop you will find an up-to-date range of her paintings. Because a lot of her work already found its way to many homes, you can not find any pictures of her earlier work. You will get an impression if you look at the collection of greeting cards. Her paintings have always been the starting point for her greeting cards.

Have you been thinking about an idea for ages? Do you no longer want to look at that empty wall, but do you not know what would fit well? Do you want something special and unique, just for you? Fill out the contact form, and we can brainstorm on this together.

  • Amana Web
  • Aroha
  • Flowers and Butterflies
  • Milena
  • Orchids Spring
  • Sereia Seamouna Zeemermin
  • Aissa
  • Eliosa
  • Kithara
  • Love makes blind but gives wings
  • Ramla
  • Tree = Life = Man
  • US
  • Pink Forest Anemone
  • 10 Luik
  • 4 Panel
  • Al Zahra
  • Tweevaks wijnkist Amelia
  • Coloured lady
  • Diara
  • Deer
  • Melanyn
  • Red ochre rose
  • Puzzle
  • Summer rose
  • Tree lady
  • Green Madness
  • Chuma
  • Eyes of Makeda
  • The Kiss
  • Eye Red
  • Eye Blue
  • Paloeloe Large
  • Melama
  • Ingi Tongo
  • Slinger Paloeloe
  • Lotus
  • Brianna Sun
  • Placemat Diara
  • Placemats Diara 4-pack
  • Placemats 6-pack
  • One Love
  • Fleece deken Diara
  • Ronde Box Paars
  • Canvas Melanyn
  • Nachtkastje & of Decoblok
  • 1 vaks wijnkist
  • 1-vaks wijnkist groot formaat
  • Red Hearts
  • Bird of Paradise