Evita Art & Music is a company, founded by Evita Tjon A Ten in 2009, shortly after her graduation of the study Bachelor Business Administration in Hospitality Management.

Evita Tjon A Ten is a multimedia artist, who gets inspired by colours and shapes. Talking about her work, it all comes down to one word: creativity. She is a happy whirlwind full of ideas.


Meanwhile, Evita already developed a corporate identity for over 200 companies. And graphic design is part of her artistry and creativity. Furthermore, she designs and produces jewellery and she is on regular basis the voice over for several campaigns, documentaries and audio books. She works for companies and organizations, as well as for private individuals. You can also book Evita as presenter and chairman of the day for your event.  Results of all her creative activities are, for example the jewellery brand Evi~lance and an extended collection of greeting cards, wine boxes and a more.


Every assignment is considered a new challenge, where the customer is always king. It is easy to plan a meeting to talk about the start of a new project, and to process to come to a beautiful product, all the way to a clearly defined assignment.

“Art and music can bring worlds together and can bring comfort. Music and art can heal things that are broken”.