Art Bag Diara 10 pieces
Inti (Sun Queen)

Art Bag Anthousa 10 pieces



Every gift deserves beautiful packaging! After all, the packaging provides the “finishing touch” and is the icing on the cake. A unique way of turning this concept into reality is by using art bags from Evita Tjon A Ten. “Evita is a multi-talented artist who produces paintings, wine/gift boxes and jewelry, among others.”

These artistic giftbags are printed on both sides and are available in two types:

Anthousa, and


Images and a short clip are included in this email message to be able to see what the giftbags look like.

Perfect for:

· Gift packages with products.

· To give to customers when purchasing products

· To be sold separately


· Format

· The art giftbags have a height of 23 centimeters, a width of 18 centimeters and a depth of 10 centimeters.

· Black cord as a handle.

· Portrait format.

The art giftbag is made of cardboard and of comparable quality to bags from the major fashion houses and cosmetic brands.

Each giftbag has a GS1 code (easy to book in your sales system).

Delivery Details

· The art giftbags are packed separately or packed per 10 pieces.