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Develop and stimulate ‘young’ artists


I have always been very grateful that there was enough for me to experiment with such as paint, stuff to draw or enjoy doing art crafts in my youth.


I noticed that I want to do something and give a helping hand. After many workshops and many conversations with parents, I concluded that I was so blessed with a mother who could stimulate and understand the artist in me. But also had the funds to so.


In Surinam, the country where my ‘roots’ lie, it was and sometimes still is quite difficult for many artists, but especially for ‘young’ artists. In addition, because more and more items have become quite expensive, things like coloring books, markers and (colored) pencils are not for everyone. Furthermore, being an artist is seen more as a hobby, although the mindset on this is starting to shift.


I cannot improve the world, but I have decided to set aside 10% of each invoice and sale to buy coloring books and markers/(colored) pencils and send them to Surinam. In Surinam, I have found a contact person who will make sure that these coloring books and markers/ (colored) pencils will be distributed in the districts and the inland. In case you will buy something from me, you will not only support me as an artist, but also ‘young’ future artists in Surinam.


Do you have great and inspiring ideas or do you want to contribute to the project? Please send an email to